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Heating & Refrigeration Service for Marine Industry


Quality Refrigeration is honored to have served Marine HVAC/R systems for nearly 70 years. Throughout that time, we’ve had the opportunity to learn how best to cater to the unique challenges of the industry.

Our work spans across countries and markets, having worked with cruise lines, fishing ships, commercial barges, tug boats, oil rigs, and ferries to name a few.

We are passionate about offering the best service and parts for such a specialized industry. That’s why we stock the largest inventory of certified marine parts on the west coast.

Heating & Refrigeration Service for Big Industries


Each industrial heating, AC, and/or Refrigeration system has its own unique purpose. At Quality Refrigeration we are trained and prepared to service a wide variety of Industrial HVAC/R systems.

We work with you to build, install, maintain and repair your systems in an effort to give you the best return on your machines, and the greatest chance of smooth business operations.

From large scale food packing operations to the oil field industry we approach every project with the expertise and creativity needed to give you the highest level of service.

Heating & Refrigeration Service for Government Offices


We are honored to have been working on government projects for nearly 70 years, beginning with Long Beach Naval Shipyard in 1950. We’ve since expanded to San Diego to accommodate growth and movement.

Our work with government projects includes US Naval Birthing Barges, Shipyards, US Coast Guard, US Sea Coast Command, Military Sealift Command, NOAA Research Vessels, and The US Navy.

Our team is proud to be highly trained and certified with all necessary security clearances to serve these projects.

Heating & Refrigeration Service for Commercial Industries


Keeping customers, and food, cool and comfortable is of the utmost importance to our commercial clients. 

At Quality Refrigeration we take pride in caring for your HVAC/R systems to help you avoid any issues in your business operations.

We build, install, maintain and repair HVAC/R systems for a wide range of commercial clientele including major restaurant groups, universities, and multiunit office buildings. 

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Heating, AC, and Refrigeration for Government Office
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© 2020 Quality Refrigeration. All Rights Reserved.