Superior Coverage For All of Your HVACR Service Needs

A77U7176, hvacr serviceBusinesses need an expert to address the complex intricacies of their HVACR systems – especially those who rely on their systems to support core business operations. Whether you need an entirely new system, or repairs or retrofits to an existing system, Quality Refrigeration has the first-rate expertise to make sure your refrigeration and air conditioning systems are not only performing properly, but will continue to operate efficiently for years to come. In addition, our strong commitment to quality assurance and superior customer care filters through our entire staff, enabling us to provide individual attention to all of our customers’ hvacr service needs, across the globe.

Quality Refrigeration has provided comprehensive, high caliber HVACR services to a variety of industries for over 65 years. Home to one of the largest refrigeration and air conditioning parts inventory on the West Coast, Quality Refrigeration is able to respond quickly and resolve issues in a shorter time frame than other HVACR service companies due to the large amount of readily available equipment.

We also provide 24/7 service to existing customers, so that issues can be resolved before they cause a major disruption to business. All technicians are experienced and fully certified, trained to work with a variety of brands and types of HVACR equipment, ensuring maximum coverage.

Our core service offerings include custom design of HVACR systems, new installations, existing system retrofits, repair and maintenance, as well as sustainable solutions. Quality Refrigeration also provides services for recovery, recycling, and reclaiming refrigerants.

Custom Design
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Designing an HVACR system involves taking into consideration more than just proper equipment selection, but also a variety of other factors, including installation area shape and dimensions, industry code requirements and standards, air distribution, load calculations, and capacity requirements. For decades, Quality Refrigeration has been helping customers conceive and create the ideal HVACR system for their unique requirements, application, and budget. Regardless of the scale and scope of the project, our skilled team designs and builds systems to your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless, pain-free installation. In addition, our custom systems are built to meet the most stringent industry standards and use only environmentally-friendly refrigerants, helping to diminish the harmful effects of business on environment.

New Installations
Special expertise and experience is required when dealing with HVACR equipment and installation. Quality Refrigeration has the requisite capabilities and tools to ensure that all of your equipment is installed properly and in the most efficient manner possible, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Whether your project involves a complete system change out or a simple retrofit, all of our installation projects are meticulously planned to accommodate a variety of factors, allowing for a safe, problem-free installation delivered in a timely manner.

System Retrofits
In some situations, companies might not have the budget to accommodate brand new HVACR systems when older equipment cannot perform at the industry-required efficiency level. Quality Refrigeration can deliver cost-effective system retrofits that boost performance and increase efficiency on existing equipment. This enables customers to gain the comparable functions of a brand new system at a fraction of the cost.

Repair and Maintenance
A77U6866-crop, hvacr serviceWhen HVACR systems are malfunctioning, it is paramount to have a go-to provider that can successfully address and resolve the situation – before it causes a major impact on your business operations. Quality Refrigeration has the expertise to repair a full range of equipment and parts of all types, helping customers get operations back on line quickly. In addition, we offer comprehensive routine maintenance packages designed to extend equipment lifespan while minimizing the chance of future breakdowns. With ongoing system maintenance, our skilled team can identify potential issues and resolve them before they become a problem, helping to enhance efficiency and improve overall safety.

Sustainable Solutions
At Quality Refrigeration, our aim is to provide customers with the information and equipment they need to make sure that their systems are operational and compliant for years to come. That’s why we make it a priority to promote durable, highly-efficient equipment and parts backed by routine maintenance and responsive hvacr service and support.

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