Marine HVACR Service Experts for Over 65 Years

Container Ship, marine hvacrWith the mobile nature and environmental challenges within the industry, marine HVACR is a highly specialized business that Quality Refrigeration is uniquely suited to handle. Quality Refrigeration’s depth of experience with the many specialized aspects of HVACR in the maritime industry began with the company’s founding. Over the years, Quality Refrigeration has worked on a diverse range of marine environments and has steadily built a solid reputation for superior service of marine industry HVACR. Our extensive range of customers spans countries from around the globe and includes commercial shipping companies, cruise lines, fishing industries, oil drilling companies, passenger vessels and ferries, tug boats, inland boats, and shipyards.

As a solution-orientated company, we are committed to supplying exceptional customer service that focuses on safety as well as complete customer satisfaction. Our experienced staff is highly trained, capable of quickly assessing and resolving issues and potential problems so customers can be ensured that operations continue to run smoothly. When issues do occur, we offer 24/7 comprehensive worldwide service that ensures fast delivery of our technicians to the site of the problem, whether at port or at sea.

All of our equipment complies with marine certification requirements, and we have the largest inventory of marine parts on the West Coast, ensuring prompt service. We provide a full range of marine-specific services and equipment, including anti-corrosion treatments so equipment can hold up to the harsh environmental conditions as well as highly efficient equipment designed to work within a portable environment.

Here are some examples of how Quality Refrigeration has helped customers in the marine industry:

  • Matson
    Quality Refrigeration provides day to day service and repairs on container ships within the Matson fleet of 17 ships in Long Beach. We have provided OEM start up on all of the ACs and refrigeration plants, as well as routine service that includes maintenance to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly as well as any repairs and part replacements that may be needed.

  • A Commecial Ferry Service
    As a luxury cruise line, a commercial ferry service relies on their HVACR equipment to be working reliably. This company has been relying on Quality Refrigeration for the maintenance of their air conditioning and refrigeration systems for over 30 years. The comprehensive service includes repairing any failures while proactively addressing potential issues so as not to encounter a problem while at sea.

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