Trusted Experts in HVACR for Government Facilities and Operations

Naval Ship, HVACR for governmentQuality Refrigeration’s extensive experience with HVACR for government began over 65 years ago with the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. Over the years to follow, Quality Refrigeration secured additional customers within the government field, and began to build a steady reputation for superior service. Since the shipyard’s closure in the late 1990s, Quality Refrigeration has expanded operations to San Diego to accommodate the growing government presence within the area. We have serviced many of the government facilities located in both San Diego and in LA, including the US Navy, Shipyards, Military Sealift Command, US Naval Berthing Barges, US Coast Guard, NOAA research vessels, and the US Sea Coast Command.

Quality Refrigeration has a staff of highly trained and certified service technicians along with the largest inventory of marine refrigeration and air conditioning parts on the west coast. In addition, through working with our current government clients, we have secured all of the necessary security clearances to operate on government properties, enabling us to begin work on any government job right away.

Here are a few examples of how Quality Refrigeration has helped government customers:

  • US Coast Guard
    A long time service and maintenance client, the US Coast Guard needed some new equipment to replace some of their aging equipment throughout their fleet. Relying on the company they have trusted for many years, the US Coast Guard has engaged Quality Refrigeration to install new refrigeration units on their fleet of 10 seagoing buoy tenders as well as new air conditioning units for 12 icebreaking tugs over the course of the next 5 years.

  • USNS Mercy
    Quality Refrigeration has been performing routine maintenance and service on the USNS Mercy for 15 years. When it became apparent that the ship would need new main air conditioning units as well as new galley walk-in refrigeration units to support their operations, they trusted Quality Refrigeration to get the job done.

  • USS Boxer
    The USS Boxer needed some work done on their refrigeration systems to continue operating efficiently. As their long-time maintenance and service provider, Quality Refrigeration has rebuilt, tested, and installed 3 refrigeration compressors to help the USS Boxer effectively maintain refrigeration operations.

For more information about how we can help serve your government facility or operation, contact us today!