Commercial HVACR Experts

commercial hvacrCommercial HVACR is a complex field that requires knowledgeable and experienced technicians to ensure systems are functional 24/7. Throughout the years, Quality Refrigeration has helped many customers from around southern California with the installation and maintenance of HVACR systems designed to function in a commercial environment. Our fully certified technicians ensure that systems are up and running quickly and smoothly to keep tenant or resident inconvenience at a minimum. We have serviced a diverse range of industrial clients, including restaurants, commercial buildings, hotels, and office buildings.

Here are a few examples of how Quality Refrigeration has helped commercial customers:

  • A Major Restaurant Group
    A major restaurant group wanted to change the size of the ice cubes that they offered to their diners. As their service provider for many years, Quality Refrigeration secured the project and suggested replacing their old ice machines with a Hoshiziki model that produces larger cubes. Quality Refrigeration swapped out the old machines with the new equipment in the group’s select restaurants during the nights so as not to disrupt their business. The work was completed on time, with no major problems – and the restaurant group didn’t experience any inconvenience to their diners.

  • California State University, Dominguez Hills
    The college food court needs to serve hundreds of students a day, and in order to do so, their refrigeration systems need to be running efficiently. Quality Refrigeration has been helping CSU Dominguez Hills maintain their refrigeration systems for many years, providing ongoing maintenance and repair to quickly counteract any issues before they inconvenience students.

  • A Large Property Management Company
    Property management companies rely on their air conditioning systems to ensure that their clients are comfortable and happy. Quality Refrigeration has been helping a large property management company by providing routine maintenance and repair to many of their high rise buildings. The comprehensive service provided includes repairs and maintenance to the various air conditioning systems and corresponding controls.

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