Jeff Hawke, President and Co-owner

A77U5224A third generation company team member, Jeff Hawke has been a part of Quality Refrigeration for almost 30 years. As grandson of the company founder, Jeff grew up in the refrigeration and air conditioning business, allowing him to learn first-hand about the many intricacies of the HVACR business and what it takes to successfully run a company.

As President, Jeff is responsible for overseeing all business operations, as well as providing leadership and guidance through the many developments and advancements in the HVACR business. He is passionate about maintaining a culture of family within the company, and is a strong advocate of continual training and education of his employees. His extensive background in engineering helps him to provide creative solutions to some of the more complex aspects of the business. He is also a member of numerous trade organizations which help him to keep up to date and informed on all emerging developments within the HVACR industry.

Jeff attended LA Harbor College where he earned an AA in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. He completed his collegiate education at California Maritime Academy where he earned a BS in Marine Engineering. Before advancing to President, Jeff held a variety of positions in the company, including technician and sales associate, where his responsibilities ranged from designing and engineering HVACR systems for customers to estimating costs and project management. His vast experience in project management served to prepare him for the many responsibilities of company president as well as develop the expertise necessary for effective strategic planning.

Jeff is happily married with 3 grown children and is looking forward to the birth of his first grandchild.

Jason Webber, Vice President and Co-owner

A77U5038Jason Webber has been a part of the Quality Refrigeration team for over 20 years, but his roots in the company began at birth. Both his father and grandfather were pioneering forces in the success of the company, and it was through observing them that Jason acquired his interest in air conditioning and refrigeration.

As Vice President, his day to day responsibilities include managing the service department, generating competitive bids for new jobs, assisting with scheduling and dispatching technicians, engaging and securing new accounts, and directing the safety program. An exemplary team player, Jason’s flexible and approachable management style helps to provide a solid foundation for teamwork and has also enabled him to build a rapport amongst the staff that breeds open communication and greater flow of ideas. His comprehensive knowledge of the company goals allows him to effectively direct and strategize with supervisors and other staff on the most successful path to accomplishing them.

Jason started his professional career with Quality Refrigeration as a driver, and eventually worked his way up to service technician where he accrued valuable on-the-job training and expertise. Jason also took part in numerous, diverse trade courses and seminars to supplement his work experience, which helped him to become one of the most well-rounded and knowledgeable experts in the HVACR industry.

In his free time, Jason values spending time with his family and wife of 17 years. He takes interest in participating in physical activities including snow skiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, golf, and surfing. He also appreciates the opportunity to travel with his family and coach his children’s soccer and softball teams.